Gramaphone review of "Interchange"

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William Yeoman, of Gramaphone magazine, says the new CD "overflows with an affection and
joie de vivre that is quite special."

'At last, the Los Angeles
Guitar Quartet’s first
concerto disc. And as if
that’s not enough to
make the mental
soundboards of classical
guitar aficionados
everywhere vibrate with excitement, it
contains the world-premiere recording of
Sergio Assad’s colourful, eclectic and
enormously accomplished five-movement
work for four guitars and orchestra,
Interchange, written for the LAGQ.
Rodrigo’s Concierto andaluz was written for
legendary guitar quartet Los Romeros nearly
45 years beforehand and subsequently
recorded by them in 1967 and 1979. Both
recordings exhibit a relaxed, natural
musicality. The LAGQ’s account is more
tense and exciting; the festive last movement
in particular overflows with an affection and
joie de vivre that is quite special.
Sergio Assad is a prolific composer for his
instrument, with more than 50 works to his
name. In the booklet he writes: “Interchange
represents my intentions of using traditional
musical styles of the world blended as a whole
organic unit, while at the same time
suggesting a casual meeting of different
people on an LA freeway.”
Each of the first four movements, which
vary in style from Sephardic, flamenco and
Asian through to Latin and North American
jazz and blues, is dedicated to a different
member of the LAGQ; the fifth movement,
“Crossings”, combines material from the
previous four movements. It’s a superb work
with some fine solo writing not only for the
guitars but the woodwinds especially; both
the LAGQ and the excellent Delaware
Symphony Orchestra under David Amado,
here making their debut recording, seize on
the drama and exoticism inherent in the
music, making it their own.'